Icy temperatures about to strike

Posted on: February 23, 2016

After a mild weekend, temperatures have dropped below zero again – and are expected to reach lows of -10°C during the week.
A plume of mild air across the South saw temperatures almost three times higher than the average for this time of year at the weekend in southern Britain, while the chilly, wet conditions continued in the North.

But Monday saw a sharp change, as an arctic maritime air mass that swept in from the North early in the week, sending the nation back into the freezer. This wet, cold air from the arctic often brings snow, with the Met Office warning that northerly parts of the UK could see snowfall on higher ground.

The Met Office issued a severe weather warning for ice to spread across parts of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and urged the public to take caution when walking, cycling or driving.

The Met Office said on its website:

“Please be aware of the risk of some difficult driving conditions and some low le

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Winter floods - the cost

Posted on: February 19, 2016

Christmas is traditionally a time for sitting down with the family, eating, drinking and being merry. For many people across the country however, the 2015 Christmas festivities had to be cancelled. With storms Desmond, Eva and Frank causing widespread damage to large swathes of northern England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, people were forced to spend the new year period in temporary accommodation.

Looking back now at what happened during December, some of the headlines are truly shocking:

  • Storm Desmond broke the 24-hour UK rainfall record, with 341.4mm of rain being recorded on the 5th December at a recording station at Honister Pass in Cumbria.
  • Storm Eva brought with it storm force winds, swollen rivers throughout Cumbria and left 6,000 homes in Ireland without power.
  • Storm Frank left Abergeldie Castle on the brink of falling into the River Dee, after flooding eroded the banks of the river to within feet of the structure's foundations.

In total it is estimated th

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Storm Imogen hits UK

Posted on: February 12, 2016

South West England and Wales have been lashed with winds of up to 100mph as Storm Imogen swept in on Monday morning.

Heavy rain and high winds have caused widespread disruption to travel, and left up to 13,000 homes in Wales, the South West and the Midlands without power. Strong winds have felled trees, ripped off roof tiles, overturned large vehicles, and torn down a wall in Worcestershire, which collapsed onto two children who have been airlifted to hospital. 

Reports of other injuries caused by the storm include a man who was rescued from his car after it hit a fallen tree in Hampshire, and an elderly man in Bognor Regis who suffered a broken leg when a 5ft garden wall fell onto him and his dog. He was pulled from the rubble fully conscious, but his dog was killed.

The Met Office has recorded ‘phenomenal’ sea conditions at several points off shore. Phenomenal conditions are defined as waves of over 14m, the highest level on the World Meteorological Scale. Waves as high as 19.1m have been recorded off th

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Storms hits the UK

Posted on: February 2, 2016

Winds of over 90mph have been recorded in parts of Scotland after Storm Henry hit Britain on Monday. 

The UK’s eighth winter storm comes just days after Storm Gertrude, which swept in from the eastern coast of the US and saw rain and snow sweep across the country. Storm Gertrude whipped up winds so strong that thousands of homes were left without electricity and, in Shetland, gusts of over 100mph were recorded. Firefighters were called out in Omagh, Northern Ireland after a pet rabbit was blown onto the roof of her owners’ house!

Storm Henry has caused disruption to transport and public services throughout Scotland, including fallen trees, cancelled ferries, closed schools and overturned lorries. Following an amber ‘be prepared’ warning from the Met Office, a number of bridges have been closed, and Traffic Scotland has advised motorists against travelling in the torrid conditions.

The Met Offi

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