Freak winter conditions expected

13th October, 2015

Advanced weather models are predicting extreme conditions throughout the UK this winter, forecasters warned on Monday. Early warnings to prepare for heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures have been issued as a number of factors combine to threaten the worst winter in 50 years, since the shocking winter of 1962/63 which saw parts of the sea freeze over.

The Current Predictions

As the North Atlantic Oscillation enters a negative phase, the atmospheric pressure gradient between Iceland and Bermuda will weaken, suppressing the prevailing westerly winds and allowing freezing winds to sweep in from the North Pole. The Arctic Oscillation is also threatening to enter a negative phase and bring cold Arctic air into Britain. In addition, what is potentially the strongest El Nino on record has sent Atlantic sea temperatures plummeting, meaning the effects of these cold weather fronts will be multiplied.

Sooner Than You Think

Speaking to the Express, James Madden of Exacta Weather said that the first snow of winter is not far away:

"It is likely to turn significantly colder from mid-October onwards. This is likely to precede a much colder than average winter throughout the December to March period with a multitude of snow events after snow events in response to low pressure systems clashing with the almost stagnated and cooler air that will be in place across the British Isles."

Prepare for the Worst

Extreme weather conditions have a shattering effect in the UK. As well as posing a threat to health, bad weather negatively affects the economy, with small to medium sized businesses losing out most. Mr Madden advised that preparation is key when it comes to harsh winter conditions:

"An important lag effect which should have placed us in a rather cold and snowy winter last [year] is very unlikely to miss us this time around. It is important that people start preparing for the worst instead of getting caught by surprise later, in particular with the elderly more vulnerable to these types of conditions. The worst case scenario could certainly place us in a similar winter to that of 1962/63."

Throughout the UK, people, business and local authorities are getting ready for what could be a devastating winter. With a team of expert meteorological data analysts, the Ice Watch team is one of the first to know when the weather is about to turn for the worse — and the first to act accordingly. To find out how we can help your business prepare for winter, call us now at 01728 633900.

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