What El Nino will bring

8th July, 2014

There have been considerable discussions over recent weeks and months regarding the possibility of an El Nino phenomenon occurring later this year. El Nino events occur every two to seven years and have the potential to induce what the Met Office describes as "major climactic impacts".

Whilst it is not possible to accurately predict when an El Nino will occur, the Met Office has described the chances of the phenomenon occurring this year as "probable", while the United Nations have suggested there is an 80% chance of it occurring before October and a 60% chance before August.

Should it happen, countries such as India, Indonesia and Australia are likely to experience much drier than usual weather; increasing the likelihood of wildfires and low crop production. At the same time those living in South America and along the Eastern Pacific will receive heavier than usual rainfall which raises the possibility of flooding and landslides.

In the UK, El Nino increases the prospect of a cold winter and snow. It was believed to have contributed to the significant snowfall we experienced when the phenomenon last visited in 2009/10; though it should be pointed out that this will be just one of several factors that will determine our weather this winter.

That being said, it pays to be prepared for the worst and should we experience considerable snowfall this winter you will want to ensure that your staff and customers remain safe and your business operational. If you would like to discuss our gritting and snow clearance services, please get in touch and we will be happy to design a quote tailored to you.

Satellite photo of the UK covered in snow

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