Winter conditions on their way

5th November, 2014

We are now into November and the temperatures are finally starting to fall. While last week the temperatures managed to hit the high teens, this week we are barely getting over 10 degrees. If this continues it may only be a matter of time before we start getting heavier rain and even snow added to the mix. In response, the Met Office has recently re-launched its ‘Get Ready for Winter’ initiative that it has used in previous years.

To ensure that everyone is prepared and safe should the weather turn, the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaign provides easy to access advice for the general public on how to avoid getting stuck in the snow. Oliver Letwin, Minister for Government Policy said during an interview with the Met Office “From tips on preparing your property and vehicle for adverse conditions, to the latest weather forecasts and warnings, the initiative will once more provide a one-stop shop for all winter weather-related information.”

What steps should we take?

There are 4 ways that the Met Office says we should prepare for the winter:

  • The worst risks to your home include flooding, strong winds throwing garden furniture and sharp colds freezing your pipes. It therefore pays to prepare your property and vehicle ahead of winter.
  • The Met Office regularly updates its current and upcoming weather data, so be sure to keep yourself aware of any bad weather developments by checking the reports regularly.
  • Transport operators do a great job of keeping us moving whatever the weather but be prepared to make alternate travel plans in a worst-case scenario.
  • The cold weather can be more of a risk than we can sometimes be led to believe. The elderly and vulnerable can get forgotten as we try to cope with the cold ourselves and the results can sometimes even be fatal. Make sure to look after each other.

By following these 4 steps you should be able to help both yourselves and others this winter. We can't prevent or change the bad weather but we can stop it from affecting our homes, businesses and welfare.

Don't overlook the need to prepare

While some may claim that we never get ‘bad winters’ in the UK and there is no need to worry, this is unfortunately not the case. According to Simon Lewis of the British Red Cross, last winter many people were badly affected by strong winds and flooding, making it important that we all receive the best advice possible to help reduce vulnerability and ensure we are ready.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your winter preparations so that are ready for any icy or snowy weather that comes our way. Feel free to find out more information yourself by visiting the Met Office website.

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