A decade of gritting Britain

2nd April, 2015

It seems as though the worst of the wintery weather is now behind us and, looking back, this winter has been somewhat hit and miss. Whilst many of you, especially in Scotland and northern England will have experienced significant levels of snowfall, the rest of us living in the south and east look to have got off relatively lightly.

With spring now taking hold, the media have been keen to have one last look back over the past few months and our Chairman, Paul Bowling, was recently interviewed for a piece in the East Anglian Daily Times where he spoke about how the company has evolved over the past 10 years.

Starting Out

Paul established the company a decade ago to provide winter employment when he was not spreading chalk on agricultural fields during the summer months. In the interview he explains how it was whilst spreading chalk that the idea for a winter maintenance company began.

“I realised that spreading chalk in the summer used the same techniques as spreading salt in the winter and as I developed the winter business I discovered there was a niche market for spreading office walkways and car parks direct to businesses.”

Getting the company off the ground was a family effort and Paul even roped in the help of his young children to develop a list of potential clients to approach.

“We started off near Saxmundham and my plan was to then start approaching businesses in Ipswich. When my daughters were younger they used to ski at the dry slope in Ipswich on Saturdays and after practice we used to go around the industrial estates and one would read the names of the companies on the boards and the other would write them down so I could contact them later.”

Expanding Across the UK

Over time the company's client base has steadily grown and our team have found themselves operating further and further from our Suffolk headquarters.

“One company who had a base in Ipswich asked if we could look after their Huntingdon site as well. I soon realised that to secure work you had to commit to looking after all sites belonging to a customer and not just the ones in the local area. Then we got in with a firm that had sites in Peterborough and another who had a base at Busy St. Edmunds and things grew from there.”

Today we have a team of 76 operator crews who are responsible for the maintenance of more than 400 sites, ranging from Aberdeen to Cornwall and Wales to Essex. We are on call 24 hours a day, so our clients can rest assured that we will always be prepared to protect their site from any threat of snow or ice.

Interested in finding out more about us and the winter maintenance services we provide? Get in touch and we will be happy to explain how Ice Watch can work with your business or organisation.

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