Silver charter for Ice Watch

19th September, 2014

Around the world more and more people are becoming conscious of their energy consumption, with many actively putting in place measures to change their working habits and practices in an attempt to reduce their energy use. As a company we are very aware of the impact our work has on the environment around us and in recent years have been actively making changes to our working practices to limit this.

To demonstrate to our customers the measures we have put in place we chose to join the Suffolk Carbon Charter awards scheme. As a member of the scheme Ice Watch were recently required to undergo an annual onsite audit and, as a result of the measures we have put in place to become more energy efficient, we have been recognised with a Silver Charter.

Suffolk Carbon Charter

The Suffolk Carbon Charter recognises Suffolk's small and medium businesses, those with fewer than 250 full time equivalent staff, who have put in place carbon reducing measures. Each year those companies taking part are required to undergo an independent audit from a Groundwork East of England qualified advisor and, depending on how they perform, are presented with a bronze, silver or gold charter.

Energy Efficiency

At Ice Watch we believe that taking simple steps to look after the environment is in everyone's interests. We have therefore made a number of changes to our working practices, including:

Ice Watch Silver Charter

  • Limiting the distance our operators and equipment have to travel by siting them less than 10 miles from the sites they cover.
  • Using a range of equipment - from tractors with rubber lipped snow blades for larger areas, to hand operated spreaders with deflectors for walkways and paths. This ensures we have the right equipment to protect our clients' sites without causing damage to grass verges, flora and fauna.
  • Calibrating our equipment to ensure that the optimum amount of de-icing salt is used; something that limits waste of our resources and budget.
  • Using white products to avoid surface discolouration.
  • Recycling our salt bags.

More information about the environmental measures we have put in place can be found by clicking here. You can also find out more about the Suffolk Carbon Charter by visiting the Green Suffolk website at

Suffolk Carbon Charter awards

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