Be prepared for snowy weather

1st May, 2015

It wouldn't be a typical British summer without some balmy weather conditions along the way. Just when you thought it was safe to put away your woolly jumpers and hot water bottles, snow appears to have made a return. It was just a fortnight ago that we were basking in the highest April temperatures for four years, yet in recent days some areas have been forced to endure some of the coldest - the mercury in Northern Ireland on Sunday night falling to -8°C.

“The temperatures will feel quite cold because we've had this warm April, but it's actually still spring and this is what spring is like in Britain.” - Nicola Maxey, Met Office spokesperson

Snowy Beginning to Summer

You would think that by the time we enter May the chances of snow falling would have passed. In actual fact, whilst many associate it with the beginning of warmer conditions, it is often a month of very mixed and variable weather. Therefore whilst it may not be an annual event, snowfall during May is far from unusual.

Whilst 2014 saw a relatively snow free month, in recent years snow fall during May has been a regular occurrence:

  • In 2013, upland areas of the south west and north of England, Wales and Scotland saw as much as two inches of snow.
  • In 2012, cold northerly winds brought snow to several parts of the UK - days after the Premier League season had finished and weeks after the summer cricket season had begun.

Did You Know? The snowiest May since records began in 1910 occurred in 1979. On the 2nd May, snow was reported at 342 weather stations across the country, with the snowy spell lasting for a whole week.

Always Be Prepared!

As we mentioned last week, you may be looking ahead to the summer months but it still pays to be prepared for whatever conditions Mother Nature chooses to throw at us. It does not matter if you are a single or multi-site business; we know how important it is to ensure business as usual continues during cold weather. We therefore offer a winter maintenance solution, tailored to meet the unique challenges your site(s) pose.

All businesses have a duty of care to tackle the risks snow and ice pose to their staff, visitors and the general public. Therefore our service includes:

  • Gritting: We understand that there will always be differences from one site to another, even those located relatively close together. Consequently we calibrate our equipment to deliver the exact amount of grit necessary to ensure that your paths, approach roads and car parks are suitably protected.
  • 24/7 Forecasting: Because every site is different, we use postcode specific data gathered from the Met Office and WeatherQuest. This offers us a better understanding of how conditions in specific locations are changing on an hourly basis and refines whether we need to grit and how much is required.
  • Snow Clearance: From small footpaths to large car parks, rest assured that if snow is forecast we will be prepared. With such accurate data available to us, we are able to avoid unnecessary callouts, whilst still protecting your business if and when required.

As we mentioned in last week's blog, it always pays to be prepared for the risks that snow and ice can bring. If you would like to discuss a tailored solution for your site, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

April snow in Cumbria

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