Richard House Children's Hospice

2nd December, 2014

As we have mentioned previously, following the retirement of our cleaner we have been incredibly proud to support the work of three charities - St. Elizabeth Hospice in Ipswich, the East Anglian Children's Hospices in Ipswich and Cambridge, as well as Richard House Children's Hospice in Beckton, London.

Those of you who regularly follow our blog will know that we recently presented the first of three cheques for £500 to St. Elizabeth Hospice. Well last week our Sales Manager, Andrew Henry, was delighted to travel to London and present the latest cheque and a festive tin of Roses to the staff of Richard House Children's Hospice.

About Their Work

Richard House support the families and loved ones of children and young adults who are at risk of death from life-limiting, life-threatening and complex health conditions; the majority of whom live in North and East London. The work of the Hospice ensures that the children, young adults and their families have the opportunity to enjoy positive experiences which can become good memories in the future.

The services they offer are:

  • Children's Services: The Hospice currently works with more than 300 families and offers a wide range of services completely free of charge - all of which are tailored to accommodate its multi-cultural community.
  • Transition Services: The transition from using children's services to adult facilities can be a difficult time, with a growing desire for independence complicated by leaving the familiarity of children's palliative care services. Richard House helps support young adults through this period.
  • Siblings Services: Growing up with a brother or sister who lives with a life-limiting condition can be difficult for siblings. At Richard House, siblings aged 7 and over are able to join The Sibling Group where they can meet other siblings and understand that there are other people sharing the same experiences.
  • Family Services: Richard House offers a range of holistic care, complimentary therapies and spiritual support for all faiths to ensure that families, siblings and young adults are able to cope with the strain of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition.
  • Bereavement Services: The families, carers and staff at Richard House come together to remember the young people who have recently passed, using music, spiritual readings and refreshments.


Every year the charity is forced to find £2 million in voluntary donations towards its running costs - two thirds of their overall budget. Our donation to the Hospice is just a small contribution to a larger fundraising effort that has seen the charity raise funds to develop areas of their base at Beckton in East London.

Back in August the Hospice temporarily moved its care team to St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney so that construction work could commence on their Beckton site. The work will see the number of beds reduced from eight to four, but will significantly increase the comfort of the rooms that remain. Once complete, the rooms will be twice the size, lighter and brighter; with the corridor that connects them also being widened to make it easier for children and young people with disabilities to get around the Hospice.

Work on a new playground is also well underway. It is currently being transformed to make it more suitable for children and families, with new play features and soft surfaces installed throughout.

We would like to wish everyone at Richard House a very Merry Christmas. If you would like to find out more about their work, please visit their website at

Sales Manager, Andrew Henry, presents a cheque for 500 to Richard House Childrens Hospice

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