Best of a Frozen Planet

2nd September, 2015

When the BAFTA-winning nature documentary series Frozen Planet swept its way onto our screens in 2011, we were all entranced by its depictions of life at the ends of the earth. With Sir David Attenborough's soothing tones, stunning cinematography and incredible stories, Frozen Planet was everyone's favourite Sunday night in. Four years after its release on BBC One, we look back at our favourite moments from the extraordinary series.

5. Wolf Hunt

Frozen Planet's dedicated camera crew tracked a wolf pack in the Arctic Circle for months before finally capturing a hunt on camera. The outstanding aerial photography shows a wolf pack hunting down a young bison — a darkly beautiful demonstration of the power of nature.

4. A Sea Feast

The Frozen Planet production team were the same people behind the incredible 2001 series Blue Planet, and their seafaring days aren't over. This footage of whales and seabirds enjoying a feast in the rich polar waters uses super slow-motion technology, reminding us why they won that BAFTA for photography.

3. Criminal Penguins

Penguins might seem like unlikely criminals (to everyone but Wallace and Gromit), but Frozen Planet discovered that even these cute creatures have a dark side. Male Adélie penguins make nests from rocks to impress the females, but they don't mind taking a few shortcuts. The charming footage of sneaky penguins stealing rocks from each other's nests proves that even in the animal world, love is a game that not everyone plays fairly.

2. Killer Whales

Before the chilling documentary Blackfish came out in 2013 and gave everyone an overwhelming but somewhat irrational fear of killer whales, Frozen Planet captured these remarkable animals doing what they were born to do: hunt. A far cry from the performing whales at SeaWorld, this remarkable footage shows just what makes orcas so intelligent — and so dangerous.

1. A Year in the Life

The great man himself, resplendent in a fur-lined hood, talks us through a year in the polar regions. The Frozen Planet team actually filmed for three years to get all the footage they needed for the series: years of work for just seven episodes. Frozen Planet says as much about human skill and patience as it does about the natural world.

Frozen Planet

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