Snowy mountains of the Tour de France #TDF

Posted on: July 11, 2017

With the Tour de France (#TDF) in its second week now, things are beginning to hot up in the overall General Classification but the temperature could be about to cool down! That’s because the Grand Tour is going to hit its first set of proper mountains in this year’s race with Thursday’s stage entering the Pyrenees.

#TdF is usually associated with baking temperatures and sweat-drenched riders pummelling along the French highways at 50kmh (30mph). But, we are likely to see snow, ice and falling temperatures as the riders ascend the very high mountains of the Pyrenees and Alps.

Pau to Peyragudes

Riders will have to complete 214km (128 miles) on Thursday’s stage, from Pau to Peyragudes, which contains an extremely difficult sequence of climbs. First there’s the climb up to the Col de Menté, then the Port de Balès and finally the real agony for the legs in the final climb to Peyragudes. In the final kilometre, on the runway of the only airport of the Pyrenees, will be a section of road with a 16% incline – to reall

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Keeping ice cool at #Wimbledon

Posted on: July 4, 2017

The All England Championships at #Wimbledon is set, as usual, to experience a wide variety of weather over its two weeks’ duration. It’s already seen thunder and lightning, rain and blazing sun - not a surprise really for a British summer!

Although hail (or ice in any form) isn’t forecast, ice can play an important role in keeping the top players, officials and spectators cool on the really hot days.
Here are just a few examples that the tennis pros use that might help you too, whether you’re off to the courts or just the office:

Ice on your wrists
Your body has a number of pulse points that are sensitive to the cold - behind your ears, your temples and your wrists. Placing ice, whether in a bag or towel, on these areas will cool down your whole body pretty quickly. In a similar vein, wearing a cold bandana or wrist bands also work well.

Freeze your water bottle overnight
Half-fill your water bottle and stick it in the freezer overnight with the lid o

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