Beast from the East bringing freezing Siberian weather to the UK

21st February, 2018

A rare North Pole phenomenon, known as the "Beast from the East", is forecast to bring a prolonged spell of very cold weather to Britain that could last into March. 

Bitterly cold Siberian air
It’s caused by a ‘sudden stratospheric warming’ when the polar vortex jet stream in the upper atmosphere is disrupted. A huge rise in air temperature in the stratosphere, 18 miles above the North Pole, has disturbed the way that the pool of air moves around it, resulting in bitterly cold air sweeping in from Siberia, signalling a prolonged spell of cold weather.
Threat of disruptive snow
Even though Spring is on its way, winter is far from over. The mercury is expected to fall steadily over the coming days, with snow and icy conditions forecast for large swathes of the country next week. Easterly winds are expected to develop, dragging in very cold air from Siberia with a wind chill of -4C bringing with it an increasing threat of disruptive snow. 

Colder than Iceland
It’s likely that the UK will experience temperatures lower than Iceland over the coming days. The last time the UK was hit by a similar weather event was in 2013.

Don’t get caught out thinking snow if finished for winter
The message is clear. Don’t get caught out by the forecast beastly wintry conditions. The ice winds are carrying snow and will plunge your premises into minus temperatures causing frost and ice to form that could possibly last all day. So, why not take action now to protect your customers, visitors and staff from the worst the winter weather can throw at your premises’ pavements, roads and car parks? Make sure your winter gritting and snow clearing is organised by giving is a call today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your site

Beast from the East bringing snow, ice and chill winds from Siberia

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