Snow hits London

20th January, 2016

Temperatures plummeted this weekend – and forecasters are warning that more cold weather is still to come.

After an unseasonably warm and wet December, the Met Office warned a ‘big chill’ was on its way after snowfall hit northern England and Scotland last weekend. After a cold week, snow fell across a hundred-mile corridor of the UK on Sunday, ranging from heavy snowfall across the Pennines to a light dusting in Manchester. The snow even reached as far south as London, giving the capital its first dusting of the winter.

The severity of this weather has become all too apparent, as the extreme conditions claimed the lives of three people over the weekend: two men fell to their deaths while climbing in Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands, and Caitlin Ruddy, 15, was swept out to sea while playing with friends on a pier near Newcastle.

The RNLI have warned the public of the dangers of the sea in these conditions, while the Met Office continues to urge drivers to exercise caution.
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Gary Rae of road safety charity Brake said: 

“Ice, snow, heavy rain and fog make driving incredibly risky. Stopping distances double in wet weather and can increase up to ten-fold in ice and snow.

“If snow is forecast, we urge people to think about whether their journey is necessary, but if you get caught out driving in bad weather the critical thing is to slow right down and keep your distance.”

It seems the freezing conditions are set to continue, with sub-zero temperatures expected overnight and peak temperatures expected to reach just 3°C in most parts of the UK this week. The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for snow and ice in Scotland and the North of England, with a further 8cm of snow expected to fall in some areas.

Meanwhile, six flood warnings and 33 flood alerts remain in place throughout the UK – a sign that the devastation caused by flooding throughout December may not be at an end.

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Snot Hits London

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