Old Wives' forecasts

3rd August, 2016

St Swithun’s Day occurs each year on 15 July, so anyone who believes in Old Wives’ Tales will be have been waiting to see if there was rain or fair weather on the day, because folklore has it that it will last for the next 40 days and nights. But is there any truth in this?
While there are no records of 40 consecutive days of rainfall or drought, there may be a scientific explanation to the predominant weather patterns experienced. The mid-July jet stream often settles into a relatively consistent pattern. So, if it’s to the north of the UK, high pressure can build and remain to create generally fair, dry and warm weather, while if it positions itself to the south, rain-bearing low pressure can dominate.
So what’s this all got to do with St Swithun? He was the Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester who died in AD862. It was reported that he asked for his remains to be buried outside the church alongside the common people but, after he was made patron saint of Winchester Cathedral, his remains were dug up and placed in an indoor shrine. This apparently gave him such great displeasure that he caused a downpour to fall on the cathedral for the next 40 days and nights!
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St Swithun

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