Easter weather surprises

22nd March, 2016

As Easter weekend approaches, the UK is waiting to see what the weather will hold. Although Easter is a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, for many of us, it also symbolises the start of spring. But sunny spring weather is by no means guaranteed – in fact, Easter weather can vary hugely year on year. Check out these fascinating Easter weather facts to find out more.

Easter Dates
One of the reasons why Easter weather can be so different every year is because Easter can fall in a period of 35 days. On their website, the Met Office says: 

“[Easter] is calculated as the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Since 1960, the earliest Easter was over the weekend of the 22-24 March in 2008 and the latest was in 2011 when Easter fell between the 23-25 April.”

Easter falls at the start of spring, when weather is typically unsettled. The earlier Easter is, the more likely the weather will be cold and snowy – the later it is, the more likely we are to enjoy a sunny long weekend.

Easter Weather Extremes
According to the Met Office, the wettest British Easter since records began was on Easter Sunday in 1963, when 148.8mm (nearly 6 inches) of rain fell in Oakeley Quarry in North Wales. However, our snowiest, hottest, and coldest Easters have all been in the last six years. In 2011, a late Easter Saturday on 23 April saw highs of 27.8C in Surrey – and just two years later, the thermometer dropped to -12.5C in Scottish Highlands on Easter Sunday, 31 March.

Easter Snow
In recent years, snow has fallen quite often at Easter. On 3 April 2010, a record 33cm of the stuff fell in Inverness-shire. This year, many news outlets are speculating on the possibility of a white Easter. With Easter falling on Sunday 27 March and the Met Office warning of a possible sudden stratospheric warming event, snow is a possibility – but now, it looks more likely that the weather will be wet and windy.

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Easter Weather Facts

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