Editing out bad weather

20th October, 2016

The unpredictable weather that Britain is known for has up to now limited its potential as a film location – but that could all be set to change thanks to CGI technology.

Producers are now happy to scout for UK locations, safe in the knowledge that they can edit out the cloud and rain and replace it with sunshine – taking advantage of British tax breaks as well as the beautiful scenery in the process.

The latest colour-correction techniques mean that dark skies and clouds can be removed in post-production and substituted by the most appropriate weather for the scene. Only driving rain and strong winds pose challenges that are harder for the editors to overcome – although the technology could give actors a more difficult set of tests by having to look as if they’re enjoying balmy sunshine when in reality it’s freezing cold!

This isn’t good news for the traditional – and much more expensive – film locations such as California where, although sunshine is almost always guaranteed, the bright light can be less suitable for plots where ‘moodier’ weather is required.

So, whilst technology might be making the film industry less weather-dependent, unfortunately we’re not yet able to edit out the snow and ice from real life.

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Film-making in bad weather

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