Keeping ice cool at #Wimbledon

4th July, 2017

The All England Championships at #Wimbledon is set, as usual, to experience a wide variety of weather over its two weeks’ duration. It’s already seen thunder and lightning, rain and blazing sun - not a surprise really for a British summer!

Although hail (or ice in any form) isn’t forecast, ice can play an important role in keeping the top players, officials and spectators cool on the really hot days.
Here are just a few examples that the tennis pros use that might help you too, whether you’re off to the courts or just the office:

Ice on your wrists
Your body has a number of pulse points that are sensitive to the cold - behind your ears, your temples and your wrists. Placing ice, whether in a bag or towel, on these areas will cool down your whole body pretty quickly. In a similar vein, wearing a cold bandana or wrist bands also work well.

Freeze your water bottle overnight
Half-fill your water bottle and stick it in the freezer overnight with the lid on loosely. As you leave the house, take the bottle out of the freezer, top it up with water from the cold tap and you’ll have ice-cold water to drink. You’ll be surprised how long the ice will last.

Get drinks ice-cold fast
Place your bottles in a container with enough ice to surround them with little room to spare. Pack ice and a cup or two of salt around the bottles and then fill the container with water. Salt triggers a chemical reaction that lowers the temperature of the water so drinks chill in just 10-15 minutes.

Eat hydrating foods and drink the night before 
Another good tip is to start drinking water the night before to get your whole system hydrated and, if you can, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the heat as both act to dehydrate you.

There are a number of foods you can eat to help you keep hydrated. Melon, sweet pepper, citrus fruits and cucumber are great and you can freeze them too.

Cooling down your sheets at night
On those unbearably hot nights, place your pillow case and top sheet in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime. The sensation of slipping into cool sheets is refreshing and ensures you have a cool start to your sleep. You can also fill a hot water bottle with water and freeze it. Place it at the foot of the bed to cool your sleeping area down by several degrees instantly.

Forecasting a winner
Whilst it’s difficult to forecast a winner of either the Men’s or Women’s singles at #Wimbledon this year, we, at Ice Watch, can at least accurately forecast the weather. We use the latest techniques to be able to forewarn you of impending freezing temperatures and snow that can cause havoc to your premises if they are not treated. Now is the time to organise your winter gritting and snow clearance by calling us on 01728 633900 for a quote that will be tailored to the requirements of your premises.

Andy Murray using an iced towel to keep cool at Wimbledon

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