New invention helps cars to get a grip in the snow

15th February, 2017

Driving in snow and ice
One of the hardest things we have to encounter as drivers is dealing with snow and ice on the road. If there is a sudden dump of snow or a hard freeze that hits us before the snow ploughs can clear the roads or the gritters can treat the ice, it leaves with a dilemma of how best to make our journeys. 

Snow chains or snow tyres are an obvious solution but because we are not certain when, or if, it will snow, we tend not to invest in them. 

However, there is now a potential new solution on its way.

New device to replace snow chains
After struggling one night to get snow chains on his tyres on a snowy mountain, Czech businessman Petr Gross decided he needed to come up with something that did the job better. So, he has developed a new device that could revolutionise driving safely in the snow and ice.

He has invented a mechanized system that fits over the wheel of a vehicle like a hubcap which can be easily fitted before setting out on a journey. It has four arms that, when triggered by remote control, extend to grab the tyre, deploying steel spikes for ice and plastic grips for snow.

Gross plans to roll out the first of these devices for cars this month, with a view to making bigger models for trucks and buses later. The device is already patented in the Czech Republic and Gross has applied for patents in other European countries.

Make your premises safe from snow and ice
In the meantime, with snow and ice still very much a feature of our weather forecasts, it remains important to make sure your premises are safe to drive and walk on. Make sure that your winter gritting and snow clearing is organised by calling us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs.

New snow chain device for cars

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