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7th March, 2018

With The Shape of Water winning best film at the Oscars on Sunday, it has been water in the shape of snow that has been the big blockbuster in the UK this last week. But as temperatures pick up and the Beast from the East retreats to its lair, it is time to review the damage the snow and ice have caused.

Snow damage to cars
It is estimated that drivers in the UK have filed insurance claims worth more than 17m pounds since the snow hit. Crash damage claims were double what they are in a normal week. The winter weather led to 13,100 collisions, according to the AA, which is twice what insurers would usually expect for the last week of February.

The most common claim was for drivers skidding out and hitting objects like barriers, kerbs, road signs and bus shelters. One motorist even ended up sliding into a row of shops. While the majority of incidents attributed to the snow caused relatively minor damage, as many as 21 per cent of claims saw the car involved unable to drive away from the scene.

Snapshot of the snowy scenes
Now is a really good time to run a review of how your premises were affected by the snowy weather because it is fresh in the memory. It is a very good idea to take photographs of your site whilst the snow is laying so that you can see the walkways that people use, if any parts of your premises get snow bound or where drifting occurs. You will then have a permanent record of where the main issues lie that you can use to plan for the next time snow storms hit, and of course, to share with your gritting and snow clearance supplier.

Examine the damage the snow has caused
It is very possible that the extreme temperatures that have been exerted on the surfaces of your walkways, car parks and steps have caused some damage whether that is creating a hole, crumbling the surface or opening up cracks. Now is the perfect time to inspect these areas and highlight what needs to be repaired for two reasons. Firstly, to eliminate any immediate danger to people or vehicles that the hazards present. Secondly, to stop it getting worse through further erosion and turning a small problem into a bigger one. Plus, if you repair it now before the next snow fall, you minimise the risk of people getting hurt or cars being damaged by a hazard that was unseen because it was covered by snow.

Get your gritting and snow clearance arranged before it is too late
Many people and organisations were caught out by the severity of the snow last week and suffered in the subsequent trail of disruption. However, those organisations that had winter gritting and snow clearance in place were able to operate more normally. So, why not take action now to protect your customers, visitors and staff from the worst the winter weather can throw at your pavements, roads and car parks? Make sure your winter gritting and snow clearing is organised by giving is a call today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your site

The shape of water in the form of snow was the UK blockbuster last week

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