Sleighs in the snow

20th December, 2016

One of the world’s most iconic modes of transport is undoubtedly Santa’s sleigh, packed with presents for the children of the world. And, as he prepares his sleigh for this year’s trip around the globe, we thought it timely to take a brief look at the role the humble sleigh plays in helping us to negotiate the winter snow and ice.

A sleigh, also referred to as a sled or sledge, is defined as primarily a land vehicle with either a smooth underside or having a separate body supported by two or more smooth, relatively narrow, runners that travels by sliding across ice or compact snow. When we talk of a sleigh we tend to refer to a larger vehicle like those that often feature in Christmas films pulled by horses for snowy sightseeing or by dogs transporting cargo in the Arctic Circle. But in Scandinavia, sleighs are often pulled by reindeer.

In Britain, where snowfall often means playtime for children and adults alike, a sledge or toboggan is more commonly associated with careering down snow covered hills. Toboggan usually refers to a particular type of wooden sledge with two runners.

The sleigh is not just confined to work or a social pastime. Sleighs feature in some of the worlds fastest and most exciting sports. The Winter Olympics feature a number of events where ice walls form the track for bobsleighs, the luge and the skeleton bobsleigh.

Britain’s love of ice-based sport has been a feature of recent Winter Olympic where success has been forthcoming in the skeleton bob.
Lizzy Yarnold’s gold medal in Sochi 2014 cemented Britain's status as the dominant power in world skeleton. British sliders have won medals at all six Olympics in which the sport has featured, and in Yarnold and Amy Williams, Team GB can boast back-to-back Olympic champions. 

Whilst we love the fun of using our sleighs and toboggans when the wintry weather comes, it’s no laughing matter if your properties are covered in snow or ice over the coming weeks. Make sure you get your winter gritting and snow clearing sorted now. Call us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs. 

And a Happy Christmas to you all.

Santa on his Sleigh

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