Red skies at night, slimy seaweed and stay at home bees

17th October, 2017

The British weather can be unpredictable to forecast at times but man has often turned to nature to provide an indication of rain, dry spells, high winds, snow and ice.

Closed dandelions indicate rain, slimy seaweed high humidity
A piece of seaweed becomes slimy when humidity is high, dandelions close when it clouds over and scarlet pimpernels close when humidity increases. But, despite popular opinion, an open pinecone is not a reliable indicator of dry weather.

Bees do not like the wet so stay put in the hive
People also look to animals as an indicator of the weather. For example, high-flying swallows are probably chasing insects on updrafts of warm air, which is a sign of stable, fine weather. Bees, on the other hand, do not like the wet weather and will remain by the hive if rain is on its way.

And, the assumption that cows lie down when wet weather is pending is probably not true. They are more likely to be simply chewing the cud or resting.

Red skies are pretty reliable
Most of us are familiar with “Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning, sailors warning”. Despite sounding far fetched this often holds true. British weather usually comes from the west, so a clear evening sky heralds fine weather, while a red morning sky can be caused by high cirrus clouds at the leading edge of a front.

Look to the moon for a sign of cold weather
Many ditties also refer to the moon. Cloudless night-time skies in winter allow the heat of the day to dissipate quickly and, without a breeze, “clear moon, frost soon” is often a reliable predictor of a cold snap. And, rainbows can also indicate weather to come. “Rainbow in the morning gives fair warning” indicates rain in the west that’s generally heading your way.

Essentially, short term meteorological forecasts can be reasonably accurate, but a reliable long range prognosis is a much greater challenge which you should not leave it to chance.

Applying the science to winter weather forecasting
As we approach winter, knowing when severe weather, with ice and snow, could affect your premises is vital. Having accurate winter weather forecasting can help you avoid massive disruption. That’s why we have our own trained meteorologist to provide precise forecast. It lets plan for optimum gritting and snow clearance that will leave your premises safe and clear for pedestrians and vehicles. Plan now for the winter and get your winter gritting and snow clearance arranged by calling us on 01728 633900 for a quote that will be specific to the needs of your premises.
Slimy seaweed can indicate periods of high humidity

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