Should footballers consider climate too?

30th August, 2016

One of the most frenetic periods of any football season – Transfer Deadline Day – is upon us. But should one of a club’s key marketing points to prospective players be the better aspects of the local climate?

Winter weather tends to have a greater influence on players’ attitudes to a potential new club, especially for those coming from sunnier climes.

We looked at the average January data from the Met Office for four key measures to see which Premier League clubs offered the most welcoming and hostile winter conditions.

Cold temperatures
If players are concerned about the cold in winter then the clubs to avoid are Middlesbrough that has an average minimum daily temperature in January of 0.7 degrees Celsius, Manchester United 0.8, Manchester City 0.8, Stoke City 1.1 and Leicester City 1.2. The mildest climates are offered by Swansea 4.0, and the five London clubs – Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace and West Ham.

If frosty air on the training pitch is an issue then the clubs to avoid are perhaps surprisingly Bournemouth which averages 11.6 days of frost in January, Stoke with 11.0, Leicester with 10.7 and Middlesbrough with 10.3. Whereas Swansea 3.0 days, Sunderland 5.9, and the London clubs offer the days with least frost.

When it comes to rain Burnley is by far the wettest Premier League club with an average January yielding 124.2mm of rainfall, followed by Swansea 95.5mm and Bournemouth 89.9mm. Players will keep their feet driest in Middlesbrough 41.1mm and at the London clubs 41.6mm.

Winter sun
Finally, if it’s having sun on your back while you play then players should head for the South Coast where Southampton and Bournemouth enjoy more January sunshine than the other Premier League clubs. The London and Manchester clubs suffer the worst amount of sunshine.

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Should the local weather have a greater impact on transfer deadline Day/

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