The summer that wasn't

4th August, 2016

Earlier in the year, it was predicted that we were set to enjoy (or maybe endure) the hottest summer ever, with temperatures hitting a record 38.5C during the first two weeks of June. This didn’t quite materialise, and we’re also yet to experience the “relentless pulses of extreme heat” that was forecast to last until September.

According to the experts, an irregular flaring of the sun is meant to push the jet stream off course, giving us “a summer we won’t forget” with huge extremes in temperature, sometimes higher than those in America, Australia and parts of Africa. Even the more restrained Met Office predicted a warmer than usual summer in its three-month forecast.

But it hasn't quite turned out that way. Having enjoyed scant opportunities to peel off our winter layers, the predictions returned to what we’ve become accustomed to expect. Now the Met Office is only committing to “changeable” weather persisting for much of the following month, thanks to a “Westerly regime” with high pressure in the South and low pressure in the North, giving us nothing more than “average” temperatures. In short, a pretty typical mix of rain and sunshine, with a bit of wind thrown in – a normal British summer!

So, the hopes of a hot summer have been dashed which just goes to show how difficult it is to forecast accurately.

You may believe it’s too early to plan for your winter gritting and snow clearing but it’s never too soon to prepare.  Now is the time to act so that everything is in place for those first frosts so you do not get caught out. Call us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs. You can then relax and enjoy what’s left of the summer.

Hot, hot, hot!

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