The price of potholes in the UK

29th March, 2017

Winter weather damage
With the weather improving in many parts of the UK, it’s only now that we can start to assess the damage that the winter weather has done to our roads and premises. 

The creation of potholes is perhaps one of the most damaging by-products of the snow, ice and rain.

Potholes are created by a number of factors. Severe temperature changes open cracks in the road surfaces. This is then exacerbated by either rain that falls and fills the cracks or moisture that then freezes, expands and opens up the cracks further.

Paying the price of potholes
70% of councils define a pothole as being a 40mm-deep cavity in the road. They can shred tyres and crack wheels. It’s estimated that potholes cause as many as 1 in 10 mechanical failures on UK roads and cost motorists in the region of £730 million every year on car repairs. 
In a 2016 survey, 39% of the AA’s members claimed their cars had been damaged by potholes. Of this number, 28% said a wheel, its tyre and the car’s tracking had been damaged. The survey found that members in Scotland were the worst affected, followed by those in Yorkshire and Humberside.

Montalt Road in Coventry has been dubbed the worst road in Britain because it has a staggering twenty potholes in a 650 feet stretch waiting to be filled in.

It’s been reported that councils fixed a pothole every 15 seconds last year and that the average amount allowed for each repair is £53. 

Following calls from local government for extra cash to repair potholes, a £250 million ‘pothole action fund’ was announced in last year’s Budget, and local councils will receive a total of £50m each year for the next five years to help pay for the repair of more than four million potholes.

Protect your premises with winter maintenance
If you don’t want to be out of pocket as a result of the damage made by winter weather it’s worth taking action ow. We can undertake an inspection to identify the wear and tear the winter weather has had on your premises. We can recommend a winter maintenance programme that will ensure that when the snow and ice hit again your premises will be in a much better condition to deal with them. Make sure that your winter maintenance is organised by calling us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs.

A pothole crying out to be fixed

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