Winter weather leaves Brits run-down

12th November, 2015

Three in four Brits feel tired and ‘run down’ at winter, new research has shown.

The Findings
A survey of 2,000 adults found that the average Brit is ill or injured for over six months a year – and that’s normally at winter. The research, commissioned by Tetley Tea, found that we are three times more likely to feel ‘run down’ or tired during the winter months.

According to the data, the average adult suffers from two sore throats, four headaches and three colds every winter. And as the most likely time to catch a cold is in the first two weeks of November, many of us may already be ill.

Illness in the Workplace
For business owners, these findings have a serious edge. Keeping things running when three-quarters of your workforce is unwell is especially difficult for small to medium businesses. Seasonal illness has a serious impact on the workplace, with one of Britain’s top 30 winter complaints being co-workers coming to work when they are ill.

This year’s annual Fisherman’s Friend Cold and Flu Survey found the number of ‘sick days’ UK workers are taking is increasing for the first time in eight years, costing the economy £4.53 billion this year. With up to a quarter of all sick days taken due to the common cold, over winter you may see fewer of your employees come into work.

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Brits feel run down over the winter months

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