Thundersnow expected in UK

11th January, 2017

Earlier this week, the Met Office issued a yellow warning for Scotland, Northern Ireland and North West England, that could then extend further south into Wales and the East of England, about the potential for high winds and snow. As well plummeting temperatures, up to 75 mph winds and blizzard conditions, it forecast the potential for ‘thundersnow’.

This unfamiliar condition occurs where rain that is normally associated with a thunderstorm falls as snow because the air temperature is so cold. The Met Office reported that cold air originating over Arctic Canada is responsible and that it will create very active, vigorous wintry showers that could be accompanied by thunder and lightning to make quite a spectacular sight.

Because the snow will fall in showers it makes snow clearance much more challenging and could lead to some very tricky driving conditions. Overnight frosts will also contribute to what promises to be a very icy end of the week underfoot.

Councils up and down the country, especially where the more severe weather is expected, will have their gritters out helping to protect the roads from snow and ice. Drivers faced with strong winds, snow showers and icy stretches have been urged by the RAC to plan their trips carefully and ‘consider rearranging any non-essential journeys’ as well as checking tyre tread and pressure, windscreen wipers and screen wash levels.
It recommends driving with dipped headlights on in snowy conditions and a ‘very light right foot’, keeping the revs down by changing to as high a gear as possible. 

Driving or walking in snowy or icy conditions can be hazardous, so, with the likelihood of the winter weather getting worse, it’s time to make sure your winter gritting and snow clearing is organised. Act now so that everything is in place for when the snow and ice appear. Call us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs. 


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