UK may be set for a White Christmas

27th November, 2017

Yes it’s that time of year again when the bookies publish their odds for a White Christmas but this year it looks like there might be a good chance that snow will fall in the UK on Christmas Day.

Colder than Antarctica
That’s because forecasters are predicting a winter that’s colder than Antarctica with temperatures falling to as low as -10C. Whereas temperatures of -6C are predicted for Antarctica, four degrees warmer than the climate expected in England.

La Nina brings snow
Low temperatures, frost and snow are expected to hit that nation resulting in significant snow depths in the hills of Scotland and the north that will continue into 2018.

And, the chances of a White Christmas have increased due to the La Nina effect - a process that sees reduced sea surface temperature, bringing in colder air that will kickstart a fierce winter.

With this weather phenomenon kicking in over the North Atlantic, it is expected to be colder in this country than average for the next few weeks, bringing with it an increased chance of snow that could last for weeks.

Snow bound roads expected for Britain
It is the first time in seven years that La Nina has happened bringing concerns that Britain’s roads and transport systems could struggle in the brutal conditions.
Some forecasters have predicted parts of the country could be left under three feet of snow during the festive season.

Looks like a White Christmas for some
Odds of 4/5 are being offered on snow falling somewhere in the UK on Christmas Day and evens that the winter will be the coldest ever.
Aberdeen is seen as the favourite city for snow on Christmas Day at 7/4 and there are odds of 3/1 for Glasgow, 4/1 for Manchester and 5/1 for Bristol and Liverpool.
But whilst we in the UK obsess about the possibility of a White Christmas in North America it is all but a certainty. Winnipeg in the US is a massive odds-on 1/33 with Montreal at 1/9. 

How to avoid the disruption that snow and ice bring
With the likelihood of plenty of snow in the UK wherever you are, you don’t want the odds stacked against when it comes to keeping your premises clear and safe. Don’t take a chance, instead make sure that your winter gritting and snow clearing is organized. Call us today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your needs.

Snow falling at Christmas time in Glasgow

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