Why Santa chooses a sleigh for his epic Christmas Eve trip

19th December, 2017

It’s now only a few days to go before Santa Claus sets out on his epic trip around the world bringing joy to all the children, well those that have been good of course. But is a sleigh the right mode of transport for such a huge trip?

Suited to the snow of Lapland
As we know, Santa lives in a secret location in the snowy landscapes of Lapland inside the Arctic Circle. So, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Santa is well acquainted with a sleigh. After all, we know a sleigh works well on snow especially when it’s going downhill. 
And for the flatter or uphill bits of his journey Santa has thought ahead and used the best reindeer in the land to pull the sleigh at high speed through the snow. So far, so good.

A smooth ride to keep the toys safe
Another thing in favour of the sleigh is that it moves smoothly over the snow without any bumps, meaning that the piles of toys won’t get dislodged, or worse, fall out! And there are plenty of countries around the world where it’s winter and there’s snow or ice on the ground making the sleigh a very suitable vehicle for Santa to use.

But, what about when he has to travel over the seas and oceans between land masses and over terrain untouched by wintry weather? Surely a helicopter or hovercraft might be worth considering?

Powered by elf technology
Well, that’s where Santa’s magic kicks in. His elves have designed the sleigh so that it can fly at super-high speeds that no other vehicle can match. Plus, those clever elves have devised a high protein diet that professional cyclists would envy that enables the reindeer to keep going all night through all weathers! 

Forecasting when you will need to clear snow
Unfortunately, for most of us in the UK, we don’t have vehicle as capable as Santa’s sleigh to transport us around in the winter snow and ice. However, at Ice Watch our expertise in forecasting when snow will fall and ice will form can make a real difference to ensuring that your premises don’t fall foul of the disruption that can be caused by wintry weather conditions. We can get our gritters and snow clearers on site to make sure your premises stay safe for staff and visitors. Call us now on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your premises. 

Happy Christmas to all of you
And, finally all of us at Ice Watch wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year.
Santa on his sleigh in the snow delivering toys

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