Why the price of staying cool is going up this summer

29th May, 2018

Having just had one of the hottest May Bank Holiday weekends for years, it was a bumper period for the sale of ice cream. But lovers of vanilla ice cream are in for a shock as the cost of their favourite gelato is about to soar.

Vanilla more expensive than silver
That is because vanilla costs have hit record highs in the last two years and it is now beginning to impact the ice cream industry in Britain.
At approximately £443 per kilogram, the in-demand ingredient now costs more than silver. It has even led to some outlets taking vanilla off their menus “for the foreseeable future”.

Extreme weather damaged vanilla plantations
Vanilla prices have surged since March 2017 when a cyclone hit Madagascar - where the bulk of the flavouring is produced - and subsequently destroyed a number of vanilla plantations. This led to poor harvests and reduced production rates by 30 per cent, causing the subsequent inflation and prompting fears of a shortage.

If this happens, it is undoubtedly going to hit Brits pretty hard, considering that vanilla has been the most popular ice cream flavour in the UK for decades, according to the Ice Cream Alliance.

Vanilla ice cream most popular in Yorkshire
In fact, it is the people of Yorkshire who will have most to grumble about as, according to a Sainsbury’s survey in 2015, vanilla is their favourite flavour of all. 

Those who live in London have a hankering for retro favourite Neapolitan and those living in Scotland prefer the more on-trend salted caramel and peanut flavour.  

The Northern Irish love a fruity dairy split or raspberry ripple, which is also popular in the West Midlands. People in the North-East love almond ice-cream best whilst those in the South West identify more with mint choc chip.

How to avoid unexpected costs of clearing ice and snow from your premises 
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Vanilla ice cream likely to cost Brits more this summer

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