Winter weather in Russian Word Cup host cities

13th June, 2018

With the global focus on Russia this week as the eagerly anticipated FIFA World Cup kicks off, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the winter weather in a number of the host cities.

Luckily for the players, even though the winter weather in Russia can be extreme, they are unlikely to have to play on frozen or snow covered pitches. For the tournament itself, it would appear that the general weather conditions are going to be fairly conducive to playing football with average high temperatures for June ranging from 21-28 degrees Celsius. 

England base with British weather
The lowest average temperature that players are going to experience is in St Petersburg, where the England squad is basing itself for the Group games, with an average high of just 21 degrees Celsius and a 60% chance of rain – so it will be a ‘home from home’ experience for them! But in winter the weather gets far more extreme with average temperatures of -10 and plenty of snow and ice.

Host cities amongst coldest in Russia
Volgograd, where England play Tunisia on Monday 18 June, has the highest average June temperature of all the host cities at 28 degrees Celsius. And it is also the 8th coldest city in Russia with an average winter temperature of -16 Celsius. At number 10 is Nizhny Novgorod with an average winter temperature of minus 15 degrees. This is where England play their second match against Panama on Sunday 24 June. Thankfully, the average high here in June is 23 degrees with a 60% chance of rain.

The other World Cup host cities that appear in the list of the top 25 coldest cities in Russia are Samara (-14), Kazan (-14), Moscow (-13), St Petersburg (-10) and Rostov-on-Don (-7).

Record snowfalls in Moscow earlier this year
And, it is a good job that the World Cup is being held in June this year and not earlier in February when Moscow, in particular, saw its heaviest snowfall in a day since records began. More than half the monthly average snow - 38cm (15 inches) - fell in one day, beating the previous record set in 1957.

But such is the stoical nature of the Muscovites that, despite the disruption and chaos that the extreme winter weather caused, many people on social media just seemed happy to see a real Russian winter again after the unseasonal thaws of previous year!

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Russian World Cup mascot showing of its skills in the snow

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