Gritting’s not just about the grit!

When temperatures are forecast to drop to around freezing at night, we often hear people say “The gritters will be out”. But what actually happens when roads, pavements and car parks are ‘gritted’?

Rock salt is the real grit

Although it is generally called road grit, what’s actually used to clear snow and ice is rock salt. Rock salt works by lowering the physical freezing point of any moisture on the road surface. This stops ice from forming and causes existing ice or snow to melt. The rock salt Ice Watch use is fine to ensure an even coverage.

When and how you grit is important

When it comes to gritting your premises it’s not just about the grit. It’s about when and how you grit. At Ice Watch we have a tried and tested approach that means your premises have the best chance of being clear and safe for your employees, customers, suppliers and visitors, whether they are arriving by vehicle or on foot.

Getting the winter forecasting spot on

We have a trained team of experts to interpret our weather data feeds. This enables us to advise you when there is the risk of ice and grit sites at the optimum time indicated by forecasts to maximise effectiveness. We take into account many variables such as ground temperature, moisture levels and duration of ice risk to reach a decision on when to grit.

Accredited winter gritting specialists

Our team of expert gritting and snow clearance operatives spring into action at precisely the right moment. That’s because they’re linked to our central forecasting unit and will be told exactly when they need to grit or be ready to clear snow – whether that’s late at night or in the early hours.

Bespoke gritting service

No two sites are the same, so each requires a proper gritting plan. Knowing the precise environmental variations enables us to calibrate our equipment to deliver the exact amount of ‘grit’ for the conditions.

What makes Ice Watch gritting service different

* All our operatives are highly trained and live within 10 miles of the sites they manage so they can get there quickly.

* They have a dedicated site list, so they know their sites intimately. They can spot issues and fix them before they become a problem

* They help us to fine-tune our weather forecasts by feeding back ‘real-time’ information.

* We use towed and pushed spreaders, tractors, quadbikes and mini tractors that enable us to get around each site quickly and efficiently. All our equipment is on contract maintenance which means it’s reliable and operates efficiently.

Organise your winter gritting


It’s easy to arrange for your premises to be gritted this winter. Call Ice Watch today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your specific needs.

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