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Winter weather is on its way, time to get your gritting organised

Winter weather is on its way so now’s the time to get gritting organised

Timo Strom, meteorologist at winter gritting and snow clearance company Ice Watch, looks at the impact the impending wintry weather could have on the UK and what Ice Watch has been doing to prepare for it.

Having enjoyed a fantastically warm summer and a very mild start to the Autumn, things are about to change dramatically. That’s because freezing air from the Arctic is forecast to hit the UK in the coming days, pushing temperatures in many places below freezing by the weekend.

Snow, sleet and hail forecast for the UK
Scotland and northern England are on alert for sleet, snow and hail. The latest forecasts suggest that wintry showers could come as far south as London. And, this change in the weather is expected to last for weeks.

With that in mind, now is a very good time to start organising your winter gritting and snow clearance services.

Here at Ice Watch we have been preparing for what could be a very cold winter. We’ve taken steps to further improve our service so that it will continue to be of the very highest standard no matter what winter weather we encounter.

Training our nationwide network of gritting operatives
We have just completed a nationwide series of training events for the 170 operatives who look after our customers’ sites. We updated them on the latest technology, gritting and snow clearance techniques and shared best practice with them. You can be confident that they are all technically proficient, use the best equipment and materials and will deliver best in class service.

Partnering with the world leaders in weather forecasting
Accurate winter weather forecasting is key to our service. To make sure that it is really accurate, we work with the Meteo Group. Its research has shown that unpredictable weather disrupts the performance of 70% of businesses worldwide. It’s a trusted partner of hundreds of government agencies and thousands of companies worldwide.

Its ultra-accurate forecasting is built on the world’s best weather models and the expertise of over 100 meteorologists. We use the Meteo Group’s forecasting feeds alongside our own specific UK knowledge and weather updates from our operatives. You’ll be hard pushed to find an ice gritting and snow clearance company with a better forecasting record.

Streamlining our operation for a better gritting service
We’ve also made improvements to our management and operation processes. All our operatives now report on each site visit via an app that feeds directly into our back office systems. This gives our customers much greater visibility of the work being done; in effect ‘live’ reporting. It’ll also means less paperwork for us, freeing up resource to concentrate on the service being provided where it’s really needed.

It’s easy to organise your winter gritting and snow clearance
So, with the winter onslaught about to hit the UK get your snow clearance and ice gritting organised now.


Simply call Ice Watch today on 01728 633900 for a quote tailored to your site’s specific requirements.

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