UK Gritting Services

Gritting Services

Experienced gritting contractors

We like to work together with our customers to tackle the duty of care towards the general public and your employees. Ice and snow creates hazards for pedestrians and motorists alike. Having a winter gritting service in place means that you can avoid many of these problems.

Optimal gritting service

With our extensive experience as gritting contractors and knowledge of regional areas, we know that no two sites are the same, consequently requirements will be bespoke. Clear understanding of environmental variations enable us to calibrate equipment to deliver the exact amount of material required for the conditions at the time action is taken. We use fine material to ensure an even coverage.

Accredited winter gritting specialists

We have a trained team to interpret weather data as it comes into us. The in-depth weather forecasting from our providers allows us to advise when there is the risk of ice. The gritting service is put into action to prevent ice forming, so we grit sites at the optimum time indicated by forecasts to maximise effect. We take into account many variables such as ground temperature, moisture levels and duration of ice risk to reach a decision as to whether or when the gritting service is required. Sites are serviced by gritting operators local to you which means that they can get to you quickly when required.

Ice Watch concentrates purely on winter gritting services and we cover the whole of the UK. Where ever you are located we cover your area. You can be sure of the highest levels of quality, service and professionalism at all levels and we have the accreditations to back this up.

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Gritting Services

UK Gritting

UK Gritting Services

We have a clear understanding of environmental variations, enabling us to deliver the exact amount of material required for the conditions. This makes our gritting services something you can rely on.

Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing Services

We closely monitor specific data from Weatherquest to identify areas where snow is most likely, ensuring our snow clearing services are deployed at the correct time.

Our Winter
Maintenance Approach

Our Winter Maintenance Approach

With nationwide winter maintenance provided 7 days a week and a tailor made service to each specific site, we tackle the duty of care towards the general public and your employees head on.


Gritting Contractor Company

As one of the longest standing gritting contractors in the country, serving the public and private sectors, we have the experience for complex requirements including security, access and timing.

Winter’s Coming!
Winter's Coming

From a business point of view, it makes sense to start developing a winter maintenance plan NOW to ensure everything is in place BEFORE colder climes set in. Taking care of your winter gritting and snow clearance requirements during summer means one less thing on your ‘to do’ list later on in the year.

At the moment we’re enjoying more clement conditions, making it easy to become complacent about severe weather conditions. However, winter WILL arrive and bad winters do have a significant impact on businesses where there has been little or no planning. Business continuity experts have been advising companies to have a winter risk strategy in place for some years now, but only a small percentage of companies do. Business continuity considers many factors and when we speak about ‘global warming’, what we are actually acknowledging is an increase in the frequency of ‘extreme weather’.

As an employer there is a clear duty of care. Employers must ensure their employees, and anyone else who could be affected by their work (such as visitors, members of the public, patients etc), are kept safe from harm and that their health is not at risk. This means slips and trips risks must be controlled to ensure people do not slip, trip and/or fall.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a proactive strategy in place should such an incident occur?
  • Do you have the resources for it?
  • Can you meet the costs of a claim sufficiently?
  • What about the subsequent loss of business or reputation?

Ice Watch can help you prepare for extreme weather by implementing an effective, efficient and economic winter maintenance plan so that you can get on with your core business activity. Putting an effective winter maintenance plan in place NOW could even have a positive effect on your next insurance premium, helping your bottom line!

Call us TODAY for a quotation tailored to your site/s. You can then relax and enjoy the rest of the summer with more peace of mind.

Winter's Coming

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